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Image by Martin Crampin.

Original research in the visual arts


Figure of St Catherine at Beaumaris.Between 1999 and 2001 I created a series of images concerning two saints from southeast Wales as prints, animation and installation. These images represented a change in direction of travel in my work: utilising specific examples of mainly Welsh historical visual culture in the interpretation of the past. My more recent work has been less intertwined with specific Welsh medieval narratives and more abstract, but I have since returned to the subject of saints, working on a research project at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh Studies.

This research project is concerned with editing and publishing medieval texts concerning saints in Wales: prose lives, poetry and genealogies. My role as a member of the project team has been mainly to coordinate events and exhibitions, but it has also been an opportunity to share some of my research into the imaging of saints in Welsh churches. Although very few medieval images of Welsh saints survive in stained glass and sculpture, they were depicted in stained glass and other media in churches from the mid-nineteenth century, and more commonly from the 1880s.


The Cult of Saints in Wales



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