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Original research in the visual arts


Martin Crampin.I have been lecturing on aspects of the research interests outlined on these pages for many years, with plenty of experience addressing a variety of audiences, as well as discussing aspects of my work on radio and television.

This list of talks is not exhaustive, but is intended to show the development and scope of my interests.

St David's Cathedral: Teiliau Tyddewi
online lecture for Art + Christianity, June 2021.

Welsh Saints in Stained Glass
online lecture for the Stained Glass Museum, March 2021.

‘Figures, Scenes and the Aesthetics of Fragments: Preservation, reconstruction and the abstraction of medieval stained glass’
‘Art of the Lost’, Canterbury Cathedral, November 2019.

'Stained Glass in Ceredigion'
Ceredigion Local History Forum, Llwyncelyn, November 2019.

‘Medieval and Modern: Images of saints in Wales’
Cymdeithas Aberaeron, October 2019.

‘Identifying Saints in Medieval Imagery in Wales’
‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae’, University of Cambridge, September 2019.

‘Celtic Saints by Celtic Studios: Saints in Stained Glass’
16th International Congress of Celtic Studies, Bangor University, July 2019.

‘Saints in Stained Glass: Catholicism and Art in Wales’
‘Catholicism, Literature, and the Arts II: Legacies and Revivals’, Durham University, July 2019.

‘A Revival of Saints in the Imagery of the Church in Wales’
International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2019.

‘King Arthur, the Grail and the Saints in Stained Glass’
‘King Arthur of Wales?’ conference, University of Wales Trinity St David, Carmarthen, May 2019.

'The Stained Glass of St Mary’s, Dolgellau, and the Churches of Bro Cymer'
St Mary's Church, Dolgellau, April 2019.

'A Fragile Art: Stained Glass in Ceredigion'
Cymdeithas Treftadaeth Llangynfelyn, January 2019.

'Depicting St Dyfrig'
Gloucester Cathedral, November 2018.

'The Imaging of Saints in Medieval Wales'
Ninth Bangor Colloquium on Medieval Wales, October 2018.

'Art from Churches in Wales Touched by Other Faiths: Some Examples'
Lampeter Interfaith Conference: Spirituality: Multifaith and Interfaith Perspectives, University of Wales Trinity St David, Lampeter, July 2018.

'Gair a Delwedd: Darlithiau Gweledol'
Cynhadledd Gair am Air, Canolfan Uwchefrydiau Cymreig a Cheltaidd, Aberystwyth, Mai 2018.

'The Stained Glass of Breconshire'
Brecknock Society and Museum Friends, Brecon, February 2018.

'The Celtic Revival in the Visual Culture of Wales'
Adran y Gymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd, Prifysgol Aberystwyth, December 2017.

'Medievalism in British Ecclesiastical Stained Glass'
'Stained Glass from c. 1800 to 1945: Terminology – Periodization – Forms' international conference, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, December 2017.

‘Painters, Designers and Glaziers: In search of the artists responsible for the sixteenth-century stained glass at Llanwenllwyfo’
Talwrn Archaeology and Local History Group, Anglesey, November 2017.

'Mystery Makers: Identifying the artists responsible for the stained glass at the Church of St Peter, Lampeter'
Annual Lampeter Society Lecture, Lampeter, October 2017.

'A Change in Direction: Modernism in the stained glass of the diocese of Llandaff in the 1950s and 60s'
'In glass thy story' Art and Christianity Enquiry (ACE) Symposium, University of Cambridge, September 2017.

'From the Celtic Revival to Abstract Expressionism and Back Again: Medievalism in twentieth-century Welsh art'
'The Middle Ages in the Modern World' Conference, University of Manchester June 2017.

'King Lucius, St Elfan, Pope Eleutherius, Baron Merthyr, and the coming of Christianity to Wales'
'Stories of the Saints' conference, National Library of Wales, June 2017.

'Finding Welsh Saints in Welsh Churches'
National Library of Wales, May 2017.

'Medievalism in Victorian ecclesiastical stained glass: a defining concept?'
'Reframing Stained Glass in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Culture, Aesthetics, Contexts', University of Cambridge, May 2017.

Guide for the North Wales and Cheshire Stained Glass Museum Study Weekend, April 2017.

‘Saints and stained glass at Llanbadarn Fawr’
Church of St Padarn, Llanbadarn Fawr, April 2017.

‘Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Bangor’
The Art Fund, Storiel, Bangor, November 2016.

‘David Evans of Shrewsbury and the Revival of Gothic Stained Glass’
Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, November 2016.

‘ "The church is extremely handsome": Art and History at Gresford’
Oriel Sycharth, Wrexham, October 2016.

‘Appreciating Stained Glass in the Diocese of Llandaff’
St Michael's College, Llandaff, September 2016.

'Medievalism and Modernity in Twentieth-century Ecclesiastical Stained Glass'
History and Heritage Seminar, Society of Glass Technology Annual Conference, University of Sheffield, September 2016.

'The Imaging of Saints in Medieval Stained Glass’
International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2016.

‘The Appreciation of Stained Glass: where are we now and why are we here?’
Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity St David, March 2016.

‘The Celtic Revival in the Visual Culture of Wales’
‘Celtic Revival: Authenticity and Identity’, British Museum, London, January 2016.

‘Modern and Medieval: tradition and change in twentieth-century stained glass’
Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity St David, November 2015.

‘From “The Last Bard” to the Gothic Revival: artists’ responses to the Middle Ages in Wales’
National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, September 2015.

‘Kings, saints and popes: Ancient Britain in stained glass during the Welsh revival’
15th International Congress of Celtic Studies, University of Glasgow, July 2015.

‘National and religious identities reflected in the imaging of medieval saints in Wales’
‘Middle Ages in the Modern World Conference’, University of Lincoln, July 2015.

‘Wood, Stone and Glass in the March: Craft workshops and church furnishing in the late medieval period’
‘Contest and Collaboration: Chester Conference on the March of Wales’, University of Chester, April 2015.

‘Colour, Creativity, Glass: The Story of Welsh Stained Glass’
Theology and Religious Studies Research Seminar Series, University of Wales Trinity St David, Lampeter, January 2015.

‘Stained Glass in the Churches of John Prichard and John Pollard Seddon'
The Victorian Society, Llandaff, November 2014.

‘Stained Glass: Wales and Penarth’,
Trinity Methodist Church, Penarth (Penarth Book Festival), October 2014.

‘Images of Saints in Welsh churches’
‘The Cult of Saints in Wales’ conference, University of Wales Trinity St David, Carmarthen, September 2014.

‘Internal and external links: mapping the visual culture of Wales online’, ‘Matching Digital Humanities and Academic Users: The Challenges of Effectively Advancing, Disseminating and User-Adapting Digital Resources for the Humanities’ networking event, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, September 2014.

‘The Visual Culture of the Celtic Revival in Wales’
The Celtic Revival in Scotland (1860–1930), University of Edinburgh, May 2014.

'What’s Welsh about the Visual Culture of Welsh Churches? Artists, Patronage and Subject Matter in Ecclesiastical Art in Wales'
Wales Iâl Yale (Graduate Student Symposium), Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT, April 2014.

‘Hidden Messages: symbolism and meaning in Welsh ecclesiastical stained glass’
Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society, Carmarthen, February 2014.

‘Medieval Stained Glass in Wales after the Middle Ages: Survival, Loss, and Reinvention’
International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2013.

‘Biblical Art: Stained Glass in Welsh Churches’
North Powys Decorative and Fine Art Society, Welshpool, April 2013.

Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi: the medieval mind, the construction of the past and the mythic landscape’
'Celtic Myth and Landscape' conference, University of Wales Trinity St David, October 2012.

‘Stained Glass – the Revival of a Medieval Art’
'Medievalism in Wales' conference, Sketty Hall, Swansea, October 2012.

‘Fifteenth-Century Stained Glass in North Wales’
'Guto’r Glyn and Fifteenth-century Wales' conference, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth, September 2012.

‘Stained Glass in Wales’
History and Heritage Seminar, Society of Glass Technology Annual Conference, University of Cambridge, September 2012.

‘The Bible in the Tradition of Stained Glass’
'The Bible and Tradition' conference, University of Wales Trinity St David, Lampeter, July 2012.

'Discovering the Visual Culture of Welsh Parish Churches in the Modern Age'
‘Parish Studies Today’ Tenth Warwick Symposium on Parish Research, Warwick, May 2012 (invited plenary speaker).

'Imaging Welsh saints in Welsh churches'
XIV International Congress of Celtic Studies, Maynooth, August 2011.

'Stained glass from Welsh churches: a new online catalogue'
Stained Glass in Wales one-day forum, Swansea, June 2011.

'Looking for Welsh Art in the Churches of Wales'
'Theorising Wales' conference, Gregynog, July 2010.

'New Light on Old Stone: Recording and Reinventing Visual Culture'
Electronic Visualisation and the Arts 2010 Conference, London, July 2010.

'Stained Glass in Fishguard'
Dyfed Art Society, Fishguard, June 2010.

'The Bible and the Welsh Landscape'
Lampeter 41 Club, Lampeter, December 2009.

'Medieval Historicism in Biblical Art from Churches in Wales'
Edward Lhuyd Conference, Aberystwyth, July 2009.

'Travels in the Visual Culture of Wales'
Diverse Manners Arts Group, Newport, November 2008.

'Digital Pathways through the Imaging of the Bible in Wales' and 'Windows through time: Recording and Reinventing Biblical Visual Culture'
'Imaging the Bible in Wales' conference, Aberystwyth, April 2008.

'On the Road: Recording Images of the Bible in Wales' (with John Morgan-Guy)
'Art, Artists and the Bible' symposium, Lampeter, September 2006.

'Imaging the Bible in Wales'
North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History International Conference on Welsh Studies, Swansea, July 2006.

'John Obadiah Westwood and the recovery of Celtic art'
'Milestones' international conference, Aberystwyth, June 2005.

'The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision CD-ROM'
Early Medieval Wales Archaeology Research Group Dayschool, Cardiff, February 2005.

'Imaging the Celtic Revival and the Ancient British Church'
'Revival, Renewal and the Holy Spirit' conference, Bangor, June 2004.

'Revealing methodologies: Welsh medieval images and narrative'
12th International Congress of Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth, August 2003.

'Parallel Narratives and the Visual Culture of Wales'
Dorset Digital Arts Festival, Bournemouth, March 2003.

'Constructing Context through Multimedia'
'Visual Culture of Wales' forum, Aberystwyth, September 2001.

'Interpreting Welsh Medieval Narratives'
'New Directions in Celtic Studies II' conference, Newquay, November 2000.

Landscaping the Past: the creation of history
'Wales and the Welsh 2000' conference, Aberystwyth, April 2000.


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