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Photography and design for books, leaflets and interpretative material.

Stained Glass Research

Links for research concerning stained glass in churches in Wales.

Saints' Cults in Wales

Two major research projects editing medieval Welsh and Latin texts about saints in Wales.

Detail of woodwork at Hafod.
Stained glass at Llanwenllwyfo.
Scene from the Life of St Winifrede, at Holywell.

Sulien Books

art and craft, ancient and modern

News and events

I will be speaking at the 'Art of the Lost' conference in Canterbury, 27–9 November 2019. This is the last of six conferences to which I have contributed since May, including the Leeds Medieval Congress and the Celtic Congress, which was held this year in Bangor. Other recent talks includes those for local societies at Llangynfelyn, Aberaeron and Llwyncelyn.

Funding for the 'Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae' project continues untl the end of 2019, but I am now also working part-time on a new EU-funded Interreg project focusing on the Irish Sea ports.

Teiliau Tyddewi will be exhibited again at the 'Diverse Manners' exhibition in Newport from 20–4 November.


Stained glass window at Llandaff Cathedral.Teiliau Tyddewi/The Tiles of St Davids

I have made a special new piece of work for this year's Art on the Faith Trail, based on one of the tile patterns from the medieval pavement in the presbytery of St Davids Cathedral. A set of sixteen ‘tiles’ can be found distributed across all of the churches taking part in the 2019 Art on the Faith Trail in Pembrokeshire, including the cathedral itself. The whole piece was then shown together with a new body of work, also based on the tiles at the cathedral, at an exhibition in the Cloister Gallery, St Davids Cathedral, 22 October – 4 November 2019. A book of the work was also published by Sulien Books to coincide with the exhibition.

Prior to this, I was invited to show the piece at Greenbelt Festival this year.

For more information about the project, visit the Teiliau Tyddewi/The Tiles of St Davids website.


Stained glass window at Llandaff Cathedral.Stained Glass from Welsh Churches wins Mrs Foster Watson Memorial Gift

Four and a half years since Stained Glass from Welsh Churches was published, it has been awarded the Mrs Foster Watson Memorial Gift, awarded every five years to a member of staff of Aberystwyth University for published work that combines scholarship with general interest.

The assessors commented: 'It is a substantial work of pioneering scholarship, spanning the centuries. At the same time it explains the development of this specialist art-form and craft in terms that the wider audience of cultured readers will understand. It thus fits perfectly the criteria set for the competition and fully deserves the award'.


Stained glass window by C.E. Kempe at Newbridge-on-Wye.More than 7000 images of stained glass now on 'Stained Glass in Wales'

The 'Stained Glass in Wales' catalogue has been available online since 2011, having been developed as an offshoot of the 'Imaging the Bible in Wales' database of 2008.

I received two small grants this year to make changes and additions to the catalogue from the Kempe Society and the Glaziers Trust. The former enabled me to spend time adding work by C.E. Kempe and his studio, including work from churches in Barmouth, Carmarthen, Newbridge-on-Wye and Llangattock-Vibon-Avel. After some additional work adding stained glass at these churches by other makers, I checked the site statistics and noted that the total number of images of windows (including details) is now more than 7000. There are actually over 8500 images on the entire database, including non-stained glass material on the 'Imaging the Bible' site, and exterior views of churches shared by both sites.

The grant from the Glaziers Trust has allowed for the inclusion of CVMA numbering for windows in churches, thanks to the technical work of Nigel Callaghan. He has also been helping behind the scenes on some other small improvements. In addition, the Church in Wales kindly shared their list of churches in Wales, with associated grid references, links to their Church Heritage Cymru site and the Royal Commission's Coflein. I have been going through this list, preparing a long list of place-names and churches that we will bulk upload to the site, in the hope that future additions to the catalogue can be added a little more efficiently. I am grateful to the Church in Wales, who provided the funding for Nigel Callaghan to complete this work and facilitate links to Church Heritage Cymru.



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Research projects

I have been based at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies since 1999. For a brief summary of the projects that I have been involved in at the Centre, see my staff page.